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Transformative Natural Hair Braiding Salon

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Enhance your stunning natural beauty with an exotic weave or braid style. We also provide relaxers and perms. We specialize from no hair to hair!


Update your look with our custom dreadlock extensions and braided hairstyles.


Each service varies in length. Take a look at our service timelines.

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Who We Are

Receive a new and improved look with the versatile hair braiding services from our natural hair salon. The professionals at Glamour Braids & Weaves of Anchorage, Alaska, specialize in all types of braiding, dreadlocks, textured weaves, locks, and twists for a diverse clientele. Our specialists have a wealth of experience in the industry and stay updated on the latest techniques and styles.

We are building a reputation for producing radiant hairstyles and products. We want you to challenge us with new styles, such as tree braiding. We do everything to make you feel at home and achieve the look you desire. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. Walk-in appointments are welcome.

Contact us today for the latest hair braiding styles of the year.